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1.) Open Google. 2.) Search your LAST name, only your last name. 3.) Take the first picture that comes up. 4.)Put this on Tumblr 5.) This is you in 30 years.





yeah, I know this guy~
He was a Polish chronicler
not bad 

I wouldn’t normally post my results, but this is just too perfect.

Mind you, it’s a picture from my Google + account, because so few people actually HAVE my last name…but still. Perfection. ^__^



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    well okay
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    im not sure if im okay with turning into a car
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    I don’t want to play this game
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    well.. that’s nice :D
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    …Oh dear god.
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    So.. I’ll be a cat. Acceptable fate. Yup.
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    ……… I’m going to be a fat old cow? great.
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    … Yay im gonna be aristrocratic :’D . Or a red ram. Hopefully aristrocratic I don’t wanna be a manly sheep D: .
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    wow. i’ll turn into austria. WOW. SO EXCITED.
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    well would you look at that haha
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    Fuck Yeah!
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    Pues yo dentro de treinta años seré una ramita, superad eso xDD
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    futbol… deberia ir empezando a aprender a jugar, no?
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    //stellarhunter.com/images/elena-gonzalez-01.jpg LOL me saldran tetas!!
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    …not bad
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    Color me not surprised. Also, totally okay with this as long as hickeys from Kenickie aren’t included.
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    what the fuck i changed gender. and since when can i run. what.
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    I’m becoming Jesus.
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    I’m gonna be the bad-ass woman that kills Aliens: Sigourney Weaver.
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    I’m a truck muthafuckers!
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    akjhsakjdf, gonna grow up and become a hotdog eating champion
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    simply amazing
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    I’m gonna be one sexy ladder.